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We offer an open, honest, non-judgmental approach, which allows expression and exploration.  As counsellors we will listen and help you to understand how past experiences, concerns, our thoughts and feelings may affect your life.


Together we can reflect on how you respond to events in your life and begin to explore the way that you relate to yourself and others.  Our counsellors are compassionate and dedicated in supporting you to make changes and at the same time accept and value yourself.


Our Counsellors are known for their strong commitment and dedication in helping their clients to reach their potential.  They will brings their personal humanity to their practice which reflects qualities of compassion; empathy; courage; integrity and emotional resilience and trusts in people's potential, to heal and create new realities.


The key element of HT Therapy, is being able to safely share your difficult feelings, emotions and thoughts, where the skilled and knowledgeable counsellor listens in such a way that encourages you to explore the meaning behind your experiences, so that you may develop a better understanding of yourself and your life and feel more in control to make positive decisions.

Telephone 07947 466 256  for further information.  Thank you

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